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Gaming: 30 Day Challenge - Day 9: Saddest Game Scene

The saddest game scene for me will always be the Arieth death scene in Final Fantasy VII. Part of it is for the fact she dies, but the bit that always gets me is when the incredibly sad music starts and you just see the materia she held on her hairband slowly drop into the water. Always gets me that bit.

Gaming: 30 Day Tumblr Challenge - Day 8: Best Soundtrack

Best Soundtrack for me will always be from Sonic Adventures 2. It’s not beautiful like how some people would describe their best soundtrack, its hard, its out there and the emotions in the song reflects the emotions of the characters and the game. It has my three favourite songs, Live and Learn, It Doesn’t Matte and City Escape. The songs were written for the game and the characters themselves. I just find it a same All Hail Shadow wasn’t introduced until the Shadow the Hedgehog game. 

Gaming: 30 Day Challenge - Day 6: Most Annoying Character

I have two for this and both of them I loathe. They are the characters Amy Rose (Sonic the Hedgehog) and Kairi (Kingdom Hearts). They are both ridiculous female characters, constantly damsels in distress and incredibly annoying. They are both pointless and useless within the games apart from annoying me senseless. If I could, I’d removed these from existance. 

Gaming: 30 day Challenge - Day 5: Game Character you feel you are most like (or wish you were)

I hate these questions, mainly because I can’t seem to relate myself to any type of game character, but I’m going to have a go even if I don’t ultimately feel like I am most like this character. But, I choose Sonic. Obviously I am not the fastest in the world haha, but I am care-free, easy going and viciously loyal. I also tend to get impatient quickly and hate it when people cry. So if I had to say I was most like a video game character, it would be Sonic.

30 Day Challenge - Day 4: Guilty Pleasure Game

I don’t really consider games as my guilty pleasure because I don’t get why any game would be a guilty pleasure. But for the sake of answering I’m going to say Epic Mickey 2. The reason I own, play and like this game is because me and my friend played the demo for a laugh. It was so bad that we just had to play more of it. It’s a brilliant game, granted it has bad singing and some weird Disney characters, but the levels are incredibly made and challenging. I would strongly recommend this game if you don’t mind having it in your collection.

30 Day Challenge - Day 3: Underrated Game

The top game in my ‘most underrated games’ list is currently Infamous. Infamous was an absolutely amazing game and it had so many different aspects to it and a brilliant story line that it’s a shame how underrated it is. This game was over shadowed by Prototype  which ended up not being as good as the hype claimed it to be. I highly recommend this game to any PS3 owner, its really good.

30 Day Challenge - Day 2: Favourite Character

Now this was a tough one, it ended up being a battle between Riku(Kingdom Hearts), Shadow the Hedgehog and Ratchet(Ratchet and Clank). But in the end Riku won out. The reason Riku won was because of the characters close friendship with the series protagonist, Sora. Throughout the games Riku risked his life over and over again to help Sora and right the wrongs that he had done. To him, opening the door to darkness is an unforgivable thing and he works hard to repent for it. For these reasons I am placing Riku as my favourite character. 

30 Day Gaming Challenge - Day 1: Very First Video Game

A lot of people ask me this question (its a hot topic with my Game course friends) and my truthful answer is this, I honestly can’t remember. I’ve played games for so long that I have no clue what it was. But I’m going to answer anyway with, one of my favourite game series, Sonic the Hedgehog! Out of all the games I first played on my Sega Megadrive this is definitely one that sticks in my head. So if anyone asks, I tend to state this as my first game, however I don’t know if it was.

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